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Residential Pool & Spa Inspections

a non-invasive, visual examination of the accessible areas of a pool or spa (as delineated below) performed for a fee, which is designed to identify defects within specific systems and components defined by these Standards that are both observed and deemed material by the inspector. The scope of work may be modified by the Client and Inspector prior to the inspection process. The residential pool and spa inspection will not reveal every issue that exists or ever could exist, but only those material defects observed on the date of the inspection. The inspection will be inspected from ground level.

Note that this inspection is based on the observations made on the date of the inspection, and not a prediction of future conditions.

  • the plumbing
  • the filters
  • the lights
  • any adjoining structure as it relates to the pool or spa
  • the valves
  • the solar heating system
  • the pumps and motors
  • the electrical system
  • the filtration system
  • the pool heater, and
  • the safety barriers.

The inspections will describe

  • the type of swimming pool or spa
  • details impacting the inspector’s ability to inspect the unit, including water clarity
  • the condition of visible components or systems present in the unit
  • the type of drain installed
  • any readily accessible component with functional or material defects
  • the type of filtration system, and
  • the types of safety barriers.
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