Condominium Inspections

Condominium Inspections

Since Condo/Townhouse buyers will only own the inside of the structure, our Interior only inspections do not include the evaluation of common areas or components controlled or maintained by an HOA including the roof, grounds & exterior cladding and mechanical devices.

Condo/Townhouse Inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of the building systems and components within a condominium unit. Common elements are not included in the inspection since they are covered by the technical audit performed by the condominium association and are a shared responsibility among all unit owners. The inspection includes major appliances as well as maintenance and service issues for the unit

Hand holding a magnifying glass inspecting a two story home in Florida, USA

Buyers Inspection

Inspect it before buying it.
For sale sign in front of a successfully inspected two story home in Florida, USA

Sellers pre-listing Inspection

Inspect the house before listing it.

Illustrated certified wind mitigation inspector icon overlaid over an image of a roof

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Limit wind damage to your house.
Four logos related to a four point home inspection in Florida, USA

Four Point Inspection

Analyze your roofing, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.
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