Phase Construction

Phase Construction

Phase construction inspections are for new homes and are preformed by a third party home inspector. The home inspector works for you to identify defects before they are covered up by the next phase of construction. These inspections ensure the home is completed by design to the architectural drawings. New construction inspections are preformed in phases.

Phase 1

Pre-Pour inspection consists of a site inspection including rough grading, form boards, beam depth, plumbing, electrical, rebar placement and vapor barrier.

Phase 2

Pre-Drywall inspection is completed after the rough framing, plumbing, electrical, engineer trussing, fire blocking, windows and HVAC systems has been installed. Once the drywall is installed these components of the construction can not be seen.

Phase 3

Final inspection is performed prior to the final walkthrough with the construction manager, and is similar to a comprehensive residential home inspection. We inspect the home in its entirety and test the major systems including the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC to ensure they work properly. This inspection will give you a punch list to present to your builder to expedite your request for anything that needs repairs before moving in your new home.

Hand holding a magnifying glass inspecting a two story home in Florida, USA

Buyers Inspection

Inspect it before buying it.
For sale sign in front of a successfully inspected two story home in Florida, USA

Sellers pre-listing Inspection

Inspect the house before listing it.

Illustrated certified wind mitigation inspector icon overlaid over an image of a roof

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Limit wind damage to your house.
Four logos related to a four point home inspection in Florida, USA

Four Point Inspection

Analyze your roofing, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.
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