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At BetterView Home Inspections, we want our customers to understand exactly what it is we do, what we look for during a home inspection, and what it means for them as a homeowner.
On this page, we’ve put together a collection of helpful videos that are short and free to watch, and can educate you about different elements of home inspections and handy ways to protect your home even more.

What is a 4 point Inspection

This video will help you understand what a 4 point inspection (otherwise known as insurance inspection) refers to – an examination of four major systems in your home: roofing, electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

Wind Insurance Incentives

This video will explain that insurance companies are required to offer Florida residents certain incentives for using construction techniques that are proven to reduce wind damage caused by hurricanes and other tropical storms.

Hurricane Straps

This video will explain why hurricane straps are so important in Florida, where they are used in the home, and how they can protect your home.

Evaluate Opening Protection

This video will explain the part of the wind mitigation inspection that focuses on glazed openings and non-glazed openings – ensuring that they are strong enough to protect the opening to your home.

Mixed Grounds & Neutrals in Electrical Sub Panels

This video will explain that your ground and neutral wires need to bond (or connect) together. But this is only allowed in the main panel, never a subpanel, or anywhere else in the home.

GFCI Virtual Demonstration

This video will show you what a GFCI is, and why it is important. A GFCI is a special type of electrical outlet designed to cut off power before an electrical shock can occur. GFCIs should be tested every month to ensure they are in working order.

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