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The importance of home inspections for buyers

Apr 14, 2023

Welcome to the BetterView Home Inspections blog page. We’ll be writing about all the most exciting and relevant topics that you need to know about with regard to home inspections, and how they can help you.

In today’s article, we’re going to cover the topic of “The importance of home inspections for buyers”.

Before we explain why they’re so important, let’s take a moment to first understand what a home inspection is. We’ll then look at the why, who, and when of home inspections.

What is a home inspection?

So you’re about to purchase a new home. It’s a really exciting time in your life. It can be quite stressful also.

But there’s one major question that you need to stop and ask yourself. Is the home that you’re going to buy in perfect shape? Or are there potentially some issues with it that the current owner hasn’t told you about, or doesn’t even know about?

That’s where a home inspection comes into the picture.

A home inspection is a visual examination of the structure and systems of a building. A licensed home inspector will come and examine every inch of the home that you want to buy. They will then put together a report which details the condition of both the internal and external structures of the home.

These are some of the common areas that a home inspector will look at: heating and cooling systems, interior plumbing and electrical systems, the roof and attic, ceilings and floors, windows, and doors.

As a buyer, a home inspection report is crucial for your peace of mind. But why exactly?

Why is a home inspection important for buyers?

Home inspectors are trained to analyze properties, and look beyond just the pretty external appearance. A home inspector delves into the places that nobody normally goes to and sometimes, they uncover major flaws with the property, such as piping or plumbing that is old and doesn’t meet today’s insurance requirements.

A home inspection can even let you know if a certain room, or space in the property, was built without the correct permit.

You also want to make sure that you’re purchasing a property that is safe to live in. Certain safety issues such as radon and carbon monoxide are not visible to the buyer and require a trained inspector to identify them.

The underlying reason why a home inspection matters so much to buyers is that a proper home inspection saves you from potential trouble in the future. By analyzing the property before you officially move into it, you can identify what is working, and what potentially needs fixing.

Unfortunately, a lot of people only discover flaws after moving into a property, and it becomes a legal and logistical nightmare to claim financial reparation from the person you bought the property from.

Who can do a home inspection?

A licensed and certified home inspector is the person that you want to get to do your home inspection. Home inspectors are required by the state of Florida to complete 120 hours of state approved training, pass a state exam and submit an application to the state. A home inspector is required to complete a background with fingerprints and provide commercial general liability insurance of at least $300.000.

Most licensed home inspectors are members of an organization that require their members to operate under a strict standard of practice and code of ethics. The state requires home inspectors to complete continuous education courses in order to renew their license each year.

It is recommended that you join in the home inspection. This will give you the opportunity to walk through the inspection with the inspector and ask them any questions that you may have along the way.

A home inspector will also be able to give you guidance along the way, such as teaching you about the particular maintenance required to upkeep your new home or how the specific appliances work.

When should I do a home inspection?

A home inspection will normally take place after the seller accepts the buyer’s offer.

The buyer is often the person who is responsible to schedule a home inspection. This gives them the certainty that their money is being spent wisely.

After the home inspector finishes their report, they will take you through the report so that you understand what they have discovered. If there were major issues with the property, as the buyer, you’re allowed to ask the seller to make the necessary repairs or improvements. Or, you can choose to deduct the cost of the repairs from the purchase price of the property.

If the issues are so severe that they would be near impossible to repair, or simply are not even worth repairing, you’re also allowed to back out of the contract to buy the house. However, before making any decisions, it’s best to get advice from your home inspector and lawyer to decide the best way forward if you find yourself in that situation.

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